Discover the PMAQS system by RECHANEL​

At RECHANEL, we help industrial manufacturers strengthen and expand their brands in local European markets, by relying on our own omnichannel marketing system which we call the PMAQS System.

Meet Our Method

It is a long-term lead value program, designed specfically for Industrial Manufacturers that want to grow their brand position in Europe but lack time, local market knowledge or aren´t satisfied with their current providers. Here’s what the system stands for:

P – PROVEN method that guarantees a constant flow of new, relevant leads for your sales team to follow up with.

M – MULTILINGUAL service in Europe managed by native EU experts, meaning that we take into account cultural and linguistic trends to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing.

A – AGILE marketing to ensure that your lead generation process stays up to date with a rapidly evolving market.

Q – QUALIFIED lead generation from your target audience to increase your sales conversion rates.

S – SPECIALIZED in the Industrial Manufacturing Industry, to expand market share in local European markets – once we work with a company in a local market, we don’t work with any other!

What can you expect?

#1. Monthly Performance Reports to analyze the current performance levels and optimize for further growth.

#2. Monthly Evaluation Calls to evaluate the weaknesses to make improvements and set new, realistic goals.

#3. Insights in your brand position against your main competitors that are active in the same market.

#4. Suggestions for further growth possibilities to strengthen your market position in Europe.

#5. Additional Agile Marketing Strategies, such as paid search, social media, SEO, email marketing, etc.

#6. Assurance that we’re only working for YOU in that specific market – not your competition!